Mystic Productions presented:

BodyBound Educational Weekend 2006

February 17th-19th, 2006


    The West Coast has a rich community of rope bondage riggers, artists, enthusiasts and pigs- and yet we haven't had a chance to trade skills with one another or pass on our skills to those who have yet to develop their passions with rope bondage to their fullest.  Thus, I am bringing together some of my favorite bondage artists and riggers from Seattle, Portland, Eugene, San Francisco and Los Angeles for just that- to share their skills, help you develop yours, and build community.

    Because this event is about skill-building for both rope bondage artists and individuals who like to be bound, this event will be limited to 50 attendees for the Saturday and Sunday classes.  Friday's class with Midori is a separate ticket item for those who want to just come hear this amazing individual do what she does best- get us all geared up and energized about rope bondage!  The social on Friday night is free because there are more than 50 bondage enthusiasts here on the West Coast and there should be a chance for us to just have a few hours to share tales, tricks, and flirt!  Saturday's party (part of the weekend ticket or party-only ticket) is a great opportunity for everyone who did not get in to the limited attendance event (or had to work on the weekend) will be a great opportunity for everyone to dress to impress or dress to play hard- your choice!

    These events are all about rope bondage, sharing our passions, playing hard, finding our own voices as players and artists, being true to ourselves, and making new connections of all sorts.  Come, learn, play, and have fun.  Ages 18 and over only.  All genders, orientations, and group sizes (from solo to tribe) welcome.


    Venom Studios
    5224 SE Foster
    Portland, OR

    Featuring: 7 suspension hoists, Multiple overhead points, Hanging bed, Saint Andrews crosses, Japanese Bondage room, Shower (bring your own towels just in case), 2 bathrooms, Kitchen, additional theme rooms... and more!


Friday 17th, 2006 6pm Doors open
  7pm-9pm Midori teaches "Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage" - history, passion, and approach
  9pm-11pm Free West Coast Bondage Social Hour
Saturday 18th, 2006 10:30am Doors open, Vendors available
Track 1 (Beginner-Intermediate) Track 2 (Intermediate-Advanced)
  11:30am-1:30pm Daddy David:
Flat Knot Body Harnesses
Bungee Bondage
  2-4pm Claire Adams:
Bottoming Skills and Communication
Partial Suspension 1
  4:30-6:30pm Rose Algren:
Details in Rope (Facial and CBT)
Partial Suspension 2
  6:30-8pm Space closed for party setup
  8pm Doors open for BodyBound Bondage Party
  8:30pm-2am BodyBound Bondage Party
Sunday 19th, 2006 10:30am Doors open, Vendors available
  11:30am-1:30pm Claire Adams:
Practical and Effective Ties
Bondage and Suspension on the Larger Form
  2-4pm Damon Pierce:
Bamboo, Chair and Static Object Ties
Torture Bondage
  4:30-6:30pm James Mogul:
Taking Shibari and Making It Yours
Rough Stuff and Takedowns
  6:30-8pm Space open for Educational Weekend Attendees only


$20 Purchase Ticket Midori's Japanese Bondage Class
$120 Purchase Ticket BodyBound Educational Weekend Ticket 
(includes party, does *not* include Midori class- weekend ticket limited to 50 attendees)
$20 Purchase Ticket BodyBound Bondage Party

    When we sell out, we sell out.  Sign up now for your chance to learn and play with some truly skilled rope artists and enthusiasts.  

    5 weekend scholarships have been given at this time.  BodyBound party-only scholarships are still available... and weekend scholarships will only be considered if one of the 5 scholarships granted are not used *or* in unusual circumstances- send your "scholarship" application to with "BodyBound Scholarship" in the subject line.  These are for starving artists, students, fixed income individuals, and other similar individuals only.


Hotel, Travel and Food Information:

    Food anyone?  While BodyBound will be providing basic beverage options, moderate snacks (catered, not cheetos and red vines), etc... perhaps you want something more?  Across the street in one direction is The Trap, a dive bar with really yummy omelets.  Across the street in the other direction is Devil's Point, a great bar with a lunch menu and Inky hot goth girl strippers.  Next door is a taqueria with greasy food that is very filling.  Down the street (within 3 blocks) we have Subway sandwiches, Taco Bell, KFC, 2 coffee or bubble tea places, an adult toy store (for condoms- okay, not food), a Thai grocery store, and a few other places.  

    Venom Studios is located on 52nd and SE Foster.  The nearest hotel is the Motel 6, located at 31st and SE Powell, 21 blocks from Venom.  The #9 bus runs in front of the Motel 6 and stops at 50th and Powell, 2 blocks from Venom (Powell and Foster split at 50th).  This bus runs every 15 minutes until 1am... or is a 5 minute drive by car.  Near Motel 6 is a wide variety of food, strip club, and grocery store options... it is also walking distance to Ace of Hearts, Portland's biggest swingers club.  However, you get what you pay for (usually $40US a night), so the Motel 6 is a place to crash and play, but not amazing for much else.

    Sooo... for the rest of you who want something nicer, I'd like to suggest Marriott Portland.  We were unable to get a conference rate (the national branch said yes, the locals said we were an adult event so no), but $99 a night is still great for the amenities they offer, plus being walking distance to everything beautiful Downtown Portland has to offer, from clubs to world-class food, shopping and walks on the waterfront.  The Marriott is only a 12 block walk to Powell's, the largest bookstore in the world.  To get to Venom from the Marriott, there are a few options.  First is to drive- cross the water on the Ross Island Bridge, head up Powell 50 blocks, turn onto Foster and park wherever you can find parking.  Second is bus- Walk 2-3 blocks up to 5th & Stark, board the #14 bus (runs every 15 minutes until 1am) and get off RIGHT in front of Venom, *or* catch the #9 bus from the same stop and follow the directions above.  The 14 will take you through Hawthorne, one of Portland's hippest shopping and dining districts in the city.  The 9 takes you up Powell, which passes a lot of food options as well.  Both routes take 25-30 minutes to get from 5th & Stark to Venom.  Driving from Downtown takes 10-15 minutes depending on traffic.

    Coming straight to Venom from the Train, Bus or Airport?  Tri-Met, Portland's public transit system, can get you here.  Cabs are available in Portland, but are *not* available to randomly wave down unless you are at the Airport, Train station, or some parts of downtown- and also can be a bit pricey.  Also, once you register for the event, you'll be invited to join the Yahoo group for the event- where if folks want to carpool, they should.  Parking near Venom is challenging at times- do not park right in front as it is 1 hour parking- try parking behind Devil's Point, on side streets, etc.


Presenters (more bios coming soon):

Brandon of, Eugene

Brandon, aka "Boss", has been involved in the local BDSM community for close to eight years.  For nearly three years he has run Diablo's Fetish Night, a monthly BDSM focused fetish affair.  He teaches a workshop on a different topic before each event.  Boss is also one of the organizers for Leatherwoods, Oregon's only outdoor BDSM event, situated on 140 acres of private property.  He is the dungeon master and is responsible for the dungeon areas and DM training.  Born from his love of hemp bondage rope, he started, where he produces westernized shibari rope in a multitude of sizes and colors.  Also, being a licensed body piercer has led him to operate, which sells play piercing kits and accessories.  Boss does not get too tied down to titles and just considers himself to be a bondage artist.  In the last several years, through intensive performance of bondage, in particular suspensions, he has developed a unique style. He is primarily self taught and combines western and Asian bondage styles. 

Claire Adams of, Los Angeles


Damon Pierce of, Los Angeles
Daddy David, Seattle

DaddyDavid, who currently lives in Seattle with his partner, Roger, and their two dogs and two cats, has led bondage workshops for the Chicago Hellfire Club, the 15 Association of San Francisco, and The Eulenspeigel Society (TES) of NYC.  He has learned his techniques from a variety of players, but has JD and Dan of the Two Knotty Boys to thank for the basic flat knots that he uses to produce rope harnesses like the ones he will be teaching at BodyBound Educational Weekend.  DaddyDavid grew up on a small horse farm in the Midwest and has three scholarly degrees in music.  He is a composer, cellist, and singer in addition to his skills as a flogging and bondage SM Top.

Eddie, Portland

Eddie is a toppish switch who was quite active in the Seattle community in the 1990s, presenting about a dozen classes there and elsewhere on rope bondage, violent take-downs, and related topics.  These days, with family and profession as his priorities he doesn't get out much any more, but looks forward to emerging briefly at BodyBound to share his technical, brutal work.


ICE, Seattle

Ice Camins Bretts is a shipbuilding rigger and USCG Licensed Sailing Master.  Lifelong member of Amnesty International and the ACLU, Ice is a big 'ol flirt and has been active in the BDSM, Leather and Queer communities for over two decades.

James Mogul of and, Seattle

James Mogul has been creating and photographing his own style of rope bondage erotica since the mid nineties.  He has been called "one of the first prolific publishers of this new way of looking at rope" by Bizarre Magazine, and Jane's Guide says "James Mogul has been producing some of the most compelling bondage imagery in Western culture...".  Eros Guide calls his work "Exquisite rope bondage.  Some of the best we have ever seen."  Published in magazines like Secret, Hustler, Bizarre, Nugget and dozens of web sites including his own and, Mogul's style combines raw sensuality with sublime beauty.  His workshops have been sought out by organizations such as Black Rose, National Leather Association, BIO, the Wet Spot, Triskeli Guild, In the Woods and Seattle men in Leather.

More on Mogul's rope work and photography can be seen at:


Max of, Seattle

Max lives in Seattle , Washington , and is active in Seattle 's sex-positive community.  While he enjoys and is proficient with a number of BDSM arts, he especially likes bondage - for its own sake and coupled with other SM activities.

Max’s romance with rope and knots started in 1967 as a Boy Scout and a sailor.  In 1992 he discovered rope’s best and highest use - bondage - and began tying up other people instead of inanimate objects.

You may have seen Max over the years at national leather events like Thunder in the Mountains, Living in Leather, Black Rose, KinkFest, and Mack McKinnon, at alternative relationship events like Building Bridges, or at various other conventions and parties.  He has presented in forums sponsored by Seattle's the Stranger newspaper, Toys in Babeland and Consolidated Works, and has taught bondage classes in various venues around the country.  In addition, Max has been presenting a monthly series of bondage workshops at the Wet Spot in Seattle since November 2003.

Max shares his love of bondage through his workshops.  While his personal bondage scenes tend towards suspension and relatively rigorous bondage, he most enjoys teaching entry-level bondage workshops and watching people learn to tie each other up.

You can learn more about Max and see where he'll be teaching next at

Rose Algren of, Seattle

After finishing fashion design school in 1998, Rose Algren of spent many years costuming for some of Seattle ’s bigger theaters, providing her with an excellent foundation in garment making and tailoring before getting into fetish design.  As her interest in BDSM grew she had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with, which effectively began her bondage modeling career and catsuit engineering fetish.  


Besides playing with some of the Northwest’s noted rope tops, she has worked for numerous bondage sites including House of Gord,,, and  She paid attention during her years as a bottom and learned rope bondage from the bottom up.  To this day she en j oys being a switch, but detail oriented bondage is always a favorite.


plus Midori of Fire Horse Productions for Friday Night's Kick Off class and social, San Francisco

Author of the book "The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage," Midori is an educator and writer of SM, fetish and human sexuality.  Midori travels the world presenting to university, undergraduate clubs, SM clubs, and the general public.  She teaches to full house classes as well as tutors individuals and couples to help them improve their communications kills towards deeper intimacy.  Her classed on Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice, Art of Feminine Dominance, etc have sold out all over North America.

Raised in a feminist intellectual Tokyo household, she holds a degree in psychology from the U.C. Berkley.  She has written for many publications and books including, "Beauty of Fetish," "Readings in Contemporary Sexuality," and many regular magazine columns.  Her work has appeared on HBO, BBC, Mademoiselle, Penthouse, Playboy, Der Spiegel, Wired, British Esquire, Vogue, Surface and many more.  Among many recognitions, she is also the Pantheon Leather Woman of the Year 2003, and Pantheon of Leather Northern California Regional Activist Award 2005.

Enjoy her latest book, a collection of her essays titled "Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink," and "Foot and Shoe Worship"- a little gem of a how-to book.  Anticipated soon is a collection of her erotic science fiction stories, "Master Han's Daughter: Tales of Depraved NeoTokyo."

Midori is deeply passionate about rope bondage.  She's been playing with rope for over 20 years now.  In her twenties she apprenticed and learned from many including Kaye Buckley, Lou Duff, Mr. Nagaike, and many others.  She continues to learn from and exchange ideas with fellow enthusiasts.  She's considered an expert rigger in the kink and non-kink community.  Along with performing and rigging difficult stage shows to crowds exceeding 3,000 at fetish galas such as Skin Two Rubber Ball in London, North Bound Leather Ball in Toronto and L'Erotica in Melbourne, Australia, she's syled rope for fashion photographers Nick Knight for Vogue and Tiziano Magni for WestEast magazine.  Like so many accomplished artists, she's mastered various forms of rope bondage, including complex suspensions, Shibari (Japanese rope bondage) and more to create what has become recognized as her unique blend of aesthetics and function, a dynamic art of erotic rope bondage.  She delights in teaching the art as well as the practical realities of rope for great sex.

Learn more about her education work at http://www.FHP-inc and her Rope Dojo at


Vendors:, Eugene, Seattle


About your host:

Bridgett Harrington is a fetishist, erotic educator, Dominatrix, bondage model and artist, and tech geek, and in general is far too busy for her own good. Her two websites, and, are her most active projects, and being a pervert who has been part of the SM community for 10 years everywhere from Seattle to London, England, keeps her hands full as well.  She has been hosting BodyBound, the Portland Bondage Enthusiasts group, for 2 years- bringing presenters of bondage and bondage fans together for play and learning.  She has taught rope bondage internationally, and has been a bondage/fetish/adult model and/or rigger for over 100 websites, numerous magazines and live shows.  She has had a love affair with bondage and macramé since she was 6 years old, and isn't likely to stop any time soon. 


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