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Welcome to keeps bringing you hot bondage, fetish, erotica and smut to feed your need.  Straight from the mind and body of internationally renown Lee “B.” Harrington, aka RopeLover, you will find inside kinky exploits and tender life journeys to make you open your heart and your legs.  B. Harrington shares amazing bondage, struggling, kinks, lovers, sexuality, gender journey, passions and playfulness- all for you to enjoy!  From fisting to suspension bondage, sweater and foot fetish content to kinky clowns and beautifully bound men and women (and a number of people in between)- we have it all.  High heels and hosiery?  Head shaving?  Outdoor Kinky Fun?  Human Animals and Furniture?  Anal Play?  Men with Cunts and Women with Cocks? Did we mention bondage?  YES- it’s all inside!  Come on in and check out our huge collection of images, audio, video and the occasional literary porn!

As of December 2007, has gone to sporadic updates. Inside you will still find over 30,000 images in over 650 galleries, but updates will now come whenever Lee is inspired to post. But this means great savings for you! Join Now for access to this huge collection of amazing erotica, that will inspire, arouse, and leave you so happy that this amazing collection has not been taken "off the air."


Torn Mesh B | Posted: January 01, 2008

Members: See the gallery now! 71 images

Happy New Year! has now been online for 5 years! Let's begin this new spark of time with a spark of passion from the past- my escapades with James Mogul of He came out from behind the camera to tie my elbos together behind my back, before lifting me once more into the air and then tearing my mesh enclosure and turning me into an amazing pretzel.

Models: B. Harrington
Photography: James Mogul

Cheap Dyke Whore | Posted: December 26, 2007

Members: See the gallery now! 67 images

Betka called me up and told me she's shaved her head, so I threw on a fur coat to keep me warm and headed over to see her. After posing like the whore I am, she stepped up to me, fucked my face and tits with her hard dyke cock, and in general roughed me up.

Models: B. Harrington and Betka Schpitz
Photography: Adam Jarvey

Edible Light | Posted: December 21, 2007

Members: See the gallery now! 12 images

Merry Solstice, Happy Yule! I love creating art- and these were art. Nudes, art lighting, black and white glamour… all the stuff I love to create.

Models: B. Harrington
Photography: Brian Southam

Torn Mesh A | Posted: December 13, 2007

Members: See the gallery now! 91 images

In this blast from the past, let me seduce myself with red ropes, let me be bound in desire and caught in my own net. Let me be bound for you, your mid-air captive, your struggling yet longing catch. As I bound myself, I was wound tighter and tighter in a web of my own needs.

Models: B. Harrington
Photography: James Mogul

Pottery | Posted: December 06, 2007

Members: See the gallery now! 48 images

She invited me into her living room and as I scanned the room I saw the amazing art everywhere… the most amazing piece was the black girl before me. I wound her in lines of burgundy and pink, bringing life to her sheer blue lingerie and high heels, her c

Models: Sinnamon Love
Photography: B. Harrington

Blue Zentai 2 | Posted: November 28, 2007

Members: See the gallery now! 77 images

Still bound with my elbows together behind my back and blind behind my encasement hood, Betka began to spank me with a heavy metal paddle and whip my thighs with a whip before pulling out her studded vibrator and having her way with her pvc toy.

Models: B. Harrington and Betka Schpitz
Photography: Christine Kessler

KnotNice Madison Young 3 | Posted: November 28, 2007

Members: See the gallery now! 30 images plus video!

Happy Birthday to me! I just turned 28, so you should send me presents. Here is a present for you in return: the delightful Madison Yong struggling under my hand, transformed by me into a human pony for my delight at KnotNice.

Models: Madison Young and B. Harrington

Resistance Hemp | Posted: November 25, 2007

Members: See the gallery now! 14 images

With her arms bound tightly back against the bamboo, thehemp bit into her flesh. I ripped open her dress, admiring the bruisig that was already coming up on her face, and then pulled out another piece of hemp to force her down onto one knee.

Models: C[harlot]te
Photography: Circle23 Photography

Self Bondage Faerie | Posted: November 22, 2007

Members: See the gallery now! 52 images

Wings, dreams of finer things, glittering crowns- and a huge pile of teal ropes wrapped around my form. Pantyhose, lingerie, pigtails, heavy breathing, and a desire to let dreams fly.

Models: B. Harrington
Photography: Juliet Heart

Green Corset | Posted: November 20, 2007

Members: See the gallery now! 21 images

I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as Joel captured these images of me tightly corseted, seams running up the backs of my legs ointing the way towards home. Why wear knickers when you want the world to see?

Models: B. Harrington
Photography: Yacov ben Yahazkel

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